The World's First
Global Escorting Platform

PinkDate is anonymously-operated and combines screening, booking and payment in a single place.
ICO & Purchase Info

ICO #1 has ended.

Thank you all who participated.
Later this year we will hold our second and final offering, ICO #2.
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Total PDP Token Shares issued from ICO #1: 1,591,593

Client UI Preview

PinkDate will launch as a mobile-first site, eventually shipping a Progressive Web App (PWA) for home-screen installation. Later, PinkDate will ship an Android APK. See our roadmap for more information. In addition to the engaging swipe-based UI, PinkDate will offer a traditional advanced-search-and-list UI.

Escort UI Demo Video Preview


Tinder Meets "Instant Book"

Clients swipe through compansions and make a favorites list - more fun than browsing ads. Swipe right to date!

Hassle-Free Scheduling

No more back-and-forth between multiple escorts. See who's available and book instantly, with guaranteed availability!

Perfect Profiles

PinkDate verifies each and every escort on our system. What you see is what you get, guaranteed.


Streamlined, mutually-agreeable verification ensures everyone is comfortable. You remain in control of your data and dates.


PinkDate has incredibly tight security procedures. No hard drives. Layered, segregated systems. Databases behind Tor Hidden Services. Read More


Being extrajurisdictional and anonymous, PinkDate minimizes legal risk for everyone involved. PinkDate is immune to subpoenas. As an EJC, PinkDate is able to put users and ethics before legality.

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We can fight sex trafficking

PinkDate will grow quickly, as the only global commercial organization that will stand up for sex workers. Working for PinkDate will be safer and more profitable than being independent or working for a local organization. We will have strict verification of escort ages, done via our proprietary software.

We are working on measures to detect coercion and offer help to escorts suspected of being coerced. Abusive clients will be banned. If you are a stakeholder in sex worker rights and want to work with us to shape our policies, please email us at