PinkDate brings you a date you’ll never forget

PinkDate is the first app to connect you to high class companions in your city.
Browse, connect, book and pay all with one app.

Before PinkDate, a client needed to search for a companion, contact her, get verified, and book an appointment, all before even meeting a date. PinkDate does the legwork for you.

As a client, there are many benefits to using PinkDate:
  • Streamlined booking process
  • Access to many companion schedules
  • Tiered levels of screening
  • Bookmark your favourite companions
  • Pay in cryptocurrency or cash
  • Create a profile to outline your likes, stats, and requests.

This is dating, in the new millennium.

The concept of paying for companionship is not new; older, wealthier suitors have been courting younger, beautiful women for as far back as time can remember, and things haven’t changed much in the 21st century. Traditional relationships have made way for newer, modern ways of dating. With PinkDate you can have your cake, and eat it, too. No strings, no commitment. Just two people enjoying a great date together.

Swipe right for a date. 
Client FAQ

To sign up, you’ll need a valid email or cell-phone number (burner numbers will not work). You’ll receive an activation code that asks you to confirm your account. From there you’ll be guided on setting up your profile.

We have tiered levels of screening in place so you can provide the level of information you’re comfortable with. Here are our tiers:

  • Tier 1: Profile stats, email and/or phone number shown to the companion.
  • Tier 2: Information in Tier 1, with additional information on references/okays given by other escorts.
  • Tier 3: Information provided in Tiers 1 and 2, along with one of the following: social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook); workplace information; government-issued ID; deposit paid via cryptocurrency.

While we suggest providing more information (so that your chosen companion is more likely to say yes to a date), obviously comfort level is very individual.

What happens to my data? +

Your data is stored in encrypted segments on separate systems, each heavily restricted. Instead of giving the app full access to everything, all data requests go through a separate system that gates access depending on the user and refuses to hand our more. Furthermore, none of these servers have a direct Internet connection or hard drives. All data is stored in RAM - if someone runs off with the server, the moment it loses power, everything is wiped.

Walk me through how I can find a companion +

Once your profile is complete, you’ll have the option of searching through companions in your area. You can set search distance limits, preferences in terms of companion features, and price range. You’ll then be shown a selection of companions who meet your requests.

To connect with a companion, select the profile and click “I’m Interested”. The companion will then be notified of this and she’ll get access to view your profile. If interest is mutual, she can begin a conversation with you. She may also decline the invitation to connect, at which point the conversation discontinues.

Why would a companion decline to see me? +

Given the nature of the business, companions want to ensure clients are safe, sane, respectable, and willing to follow through on the agreed-upon donation for time. If your profile doesn’t contain the level of screening information the provider is comfortable with, they may decline to see you. While we encourage you to submit only the information you’re comfortable with, more information will increase your chances of finding a reputable companion.

What happens after the companion and I agree to set up a date? +

Fantastic! You can choose a booking time that the companion has provided on their schedule, or you can set up an outside mutually agreed-upon time. After that, it’s up to you on how to proceed. We encourage communication solely through PinkDate.

Can I pay for the date in full or send deposits through PinkDate? +

Yes, PinkDate allows payments and deposits through cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and Monero.

What happens after the date? Can I leave a review? +

After the date, we encourage feedback but we do not allow reviews under any circumstances. You will be asked to rate various aspects of the date (i.e. booking process, service, looks) using a 1-5 star rating scale. You will be given the opportunity to provide a brief testimonial on your date with limited characters, but you will not be able to discuss the specifics of the date (our software blocks any language describing services).