You're beautiful, hard-working, and smart

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PinkDate is the world’s first app created to bring clients and escorts together in one place. Seamless booking and transactions, pre-screened clients, beautiful profiles - what’s not to love? PinkDate provides convenience, reach, advertising to serious clients, and connects you with the best selection of offers.

Here are some of the benefits of using PinkDate:

  • List for free - create a beautiful profile to showcase your elegance.
  • Options to list services, if you so choose.
  • Engage with clients who are serious and ready to book.
  • Say goodbye to time-wasters. Clients can only engage with you if you’ve pre-approved.
  • Book clients who are pre-screened - you choose the level of screening you’re comfortable with.
  • Receive payment in cryptocurrency or cash.
  • Increase your visibility online. Your profile is optimized for search ability, viewing and user engagement.
  • Worry-free booking: if the client cancels, you receive a cancellation fee.
  • A no-review policy lets the intimate details of your date stay inside the bedroom.
  • Review your profile analytics - get a real understanding of who’s viewing you, and how you can improve your presence.

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Escort FAQ
How do I join? What information will you need? +

To sign up, you’ll need a valid email or cell-phone number (burner numbers will not work). You’ll receive an activation code that asks you to confirm your account. From there you’ll be guided through setting up your profile.

Because PinkDate is dedicated to fighting sex trafficking, you must be 19 years or older (or of legal age in your jurisdiction) to join. We have a system in place to ensure this.

When you join, you’ll be asked to hold up a picture of your government ID next to your face, and take a selfie. Our system will compare your face and the face provided on your ID to determine a match. It will also extract the birth date on your ID. Two pieces of data are then stored - your birthday and the selfie photo. Your ID information is destroyed immediately after verification.

Your birth date and selfie picture are stored separately and encrypted. To avoid duplicates we manually check all new sign-ups with the same birth date. If we find a match, the new sign-up will be rejected as a duplicate.

What happens to my data? +

Your data is stored in encrypted segments on separate systems, each heavily restricted. Instead of giving the web server full access to everything, all data requests go through a data gateway that controls access on a per-user basis and refuses to hand out more. Furthermore, none of these servers have a direct Internet connection or hard drives. All data is stored on an encrypted filesystem in RAM -- the moment the server is physically accessed, it shuts down and everything is wiped. Restarting the databases is a manual process which restores encrypted backups directly into RAM.

What sort of screening do clients undergo? +

We have tiered levels of screening in place so you choose the level of information you’re comfortable with. Here are our tiers:

  • Tier 1: Profile stats, email and/or phone number shown to the companion.
  • Tier 2: Information in Tier 1, with additional information on references/okays given by other escorts.
  • Tier 3: Information provided in Tiers 1 and 2, along with one of the following: social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook); workplace information; government-issued ID; deposit paid via cryptocurrency.

We cannot recommend any particular level of screening. You are encouraged to choose clients with the level you are most comfortable seeing. Clients not meeting at least your minimum requirements will not be able to contact you.

Walk me through how I can find a date +

Once your profile is complete you will be listed on our database as searchable. Clients will be able to find you based on the information you provide on your profile. If a client is interested in meeting, he will indicate "I'm Interested" and you will be notified. You will then be able to view the client’s profile. If you are interested in meeting, you can reply to the message and a two-way communication will begin. If you are not interested you can decline. We encourage you to provide a response either way; no one enjoys being left hanging. If you decline to see a client, you can select an option to say why. You will also have the option to make this reason visible to the client or not.

What happens after the client and I agree to set up a date? +

Fantastic! Once two-way communication is established, you can choose a booking time that you have provided on your schedule, or you can set up another mutually agreed-upon time. After that, it’s up to you on how to proceed. We encourage communication solely through PinkDate. PinkDate can relay voice and text messages through one-time burner numbers so you don't need to give out your real number.

Can I be paid in full or receive deposits through PinkDate? +

Yes, PinkDate allows payments and deposits through cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Monero. Clients can also choose to pay in cash.

What happens after the date? Can I leave a review? +

After the date, we encourage feedback but we do not allow reviews under any circumstances. You will be asked to rate various aspects of the date (i.e. safety, was the donation paid accurately, was the client respectful, etc.) using a 1-5 star rating scale. You will be given the opportunity to provide a brief testimonial on your date with limited characters, but you will not be able to discuss the specifics of the date (our software blocks any language describing services). The testimonial is only visible to other escorts considering a booking with that client.