Frequently Asked Questions

How are users expected to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin?

PinkDate accepts cash, in addition to Bitcoin, Monero, and other coins. This is a key distinction between PinkDate and other proposals. PinkDate knows that sex work is real work, and that throwing some JavaScript and blockchain technology won't solve real world problems. Expecting users to directly deal with cryptocurrencies or smart contracts, at this stage, is simply unrealistic.

How is PinkDate different than Backpage,, and other sites?

PinkDate is a full-service companionship company. Users transact with PinkDate to arrange dates, relying on PinkDate for customer service. Other sites limit themselves to being a listing service. This fundamentally puts them at odds with their users: Such sites want to increase their listing and advertising revenue. With PinkDate, we only make money when users successfully complete dates via our platform. Our incentives align.

How is PinkDate anonymous?

PinkDate is an anonymously operating agency. The individuals responsible for the core platform functions (server hardware, data management, core software) remain anonymous. We accomplish this via a combination of deep privacy tech and strict operating procedures. Read more about our security technology here.

How much does PinkDate charge?

PinkDate takes a commission on each transaction. The exact fee schedule is not published yet, but will range from 10% to 20%, with a per-escort monthly cap. A escort's first month is free, as are the first 3 months of every city PinkDate launches.

For a transaction of $400, PinkDate receives $40-80. Some studies show that many escorts spend at least $100 a day on advertising. PinkDate's pricing is very appealing for the service it provides.

How can PinkDate keep user data safe?

PinkDate has decided to place data security above other operating goals. For instance, PinkDate's servers do not have persistent storage (no hard drives): they operate entirely out of RAM. This dramatically increases security. If the servers are ever accessed by unauthorized parties, there is literally no data on the drives to steal. Compromising the servers via remote access (hacking) is also difficult: Our servers do not have direct Internet connections. Servers can only receive inbound connections to respond to client requests; they lack the ability to make outbound requests.

What is PinkDate's Data Gateway?

Most sites have a straightforward architecture. The web server has a secured connection to the database server, but once connected the web server application has full reign over all the data. Any exploit of the web server means all the data is at risk. PinkDate avoids this weakness. Our webservers do not have access to our databases, but instead go through a Data Gateway. The gateway requires each request be clearly scoped to a specific end-user. Any attempt to access data beyond what the user needs is automatically blocked. In addition, the Data Gateway has internal rate-limited "tripwires". If too much data is repeatedly requested, the gateway slows down all access.

Does PinkDate allow paid placements or listings?

PinkDate does not charge for listings - it is an integral part of our service. PinkDate's goal is to match up escorts and clients in the best way possible. To make sure our matching maintains integrity and quality, PinkDate has no plans to allow paying for placement.

Is this just another ICO?

No! PinkDate is the first ICO offering an equity position with returns based on revenues. PinkDate is selling shares in our company, entitled to dividends. ICOs are often a bad deal for investors, with no fundamental value, only speculation. PinkDate is setting an example: investors deserve part of the company they're investing in.

How does PinkDate use blockchain technology?

PinkDate relies on blockchain-based privacy-centric coins such as Monero and Zcash. PinkDate's tecnology stack is notable for the intense use of privacy and security technology.

Is PinkDate legal?

While selling sex is legal in many places, surrounding activities are not. There are essentially no countries where PinkDate will be fully legal to operate. This is why PinkDate operates as an extrajurisdictional company and uses strong privacy technology. In doing so, PinkDate can focus on doing what's right for users without being artificially restricted by legality.

Won't law enforcement shut it down?

PinkDate's design is censorship-resistant. Our core team is anonymous, and our servers deeply hidden. All data is encrypted, and regular backups are kept. No measures are completely perfect, but PinkDate aims to get as close as practically possible. In any case, PinkDate has contingency plans so that in case of core team compromise, server compromise or any other such failure, somebody else will be able to access the backup keys and restore the system.

Can the PinkDate team really remain anonymous over time?

Operational security in the long-run is incredibly difficult. PinkDate's team will avoid the downsides by interacting less over time. Once the platform is operating and a team is in place, PinkDate's core team will not be online and interactive nearly as often. Instead, the core team will use high-latency communications such as email. By not being publicly active online, our opsec attack surface is dramatically reduced and becomes practical to sustain long-term.

How do I know PinkDate is not a scam?

You don't, yet. We might just be elaborate, high-IQ scammers, working on details of a platform we've no intention of building. At this point, all we can do is talk to you about our sincerity and plans. Yet that's what a scammer would do, too. It quickly turns into a ridiculous Princess Bride scenario. Come chat with us and decide for yourself. Over time, PinkDate will build up trust. This is reflected in our stock price: very low now, with a high expected growth rate as soon as people can see we're for real.