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PinkDate - Series A Token-Share Sale

The First Post-ICO Blockchain Fundraiser - PinkDate is Not a Coin

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Update, October 13, 2017: Click here to read an important update about the PinkDate Series A.
PinkDate is the first post-ICO-era blockchain-fundraising company. Because PinkDate accepts cash, crypto currencies and eventually limited amounts of credit cards for payment, it does not need a token. Instead we will issue Token-Shares, also known as Blockchain Bearer Shares. The shares issued will receive dividends every quarter - a guaranteed minimum of 50% of profits.

PinkDate will leverage blockchain smart contracts to track share ownership and distribute dividends. Token-Shares are issued in an ERC20-compliant token, making trading easy. On top of this, we will allow shareholders to opt into hidden ownership to allow them to remain fully anonymous. In such cases, we can distribute profits via Monero or other methods.

As a full service company, PinkDate is geo-limiting its offerings at launch to ensure a safe and high quality operation. PinkDate aims to launch its first city in December, 2017. To do so, we have opened a small Series A investment round on Sept 5. We aim to raise $5,000,000 at $1/token-share. In January, after the successful launch, we will do a full Blockchain IPO, raising $50 million at $10/token-share. At IPO, Series A investors can, at their election, participate in a stock buyback program of up to 20% of their shares (an instant 200% ROI).

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