December 15th
Pre-ICO opens.
10% bonus until Dec 31st.
Jan 31st
Pre-ICO ends
Special price Pre-ICO ends. Token share price $0.147.
February 1st
Pre-ICO Extension Opens
Pre-ICO Extension begins. Token share price $0.178.
February 9th
PinkDate ERC-20 token Deployment
Smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain
February 14th
Internal Team Beta Testing
Beta testing with internal team and select invited users
February 21st
Pre-ICO Extension Ends
Pre-ICO Extension ends. Token share price $0.178
April 25th
Escort Portal Beta Complete
Enrollment of Escorts will begin
June 22nd
Toronto Go live, Invite-Only
Toronto invite-only launch to clients and escorts
June 27th
ICO Opens
Token price $0.588
July 25th
ICO Ends
Tokens can no longer be purchased through the ICO
Q3 2018
Token Distribution starts
Token share distribution will begin through the Investor Portal
Q3 2018
First Launch City - Toronto
PinkDate will be available for public use in Toronto
Q3 2018
Public Launch - Montreal
PinkDate will be available for public use in Montreal
Q3 2018
Transparency via Single Issuer Blockchain
Fully transparent audit protocol Go-Live
Q4 2018
USA City Release
Location to be determined