PinkDate: Making Sex Work Safer

This article discusses PinkDate’s safety systems for sex workers. PinkDate is the world’s first anonymous escort agency, leveraging blockchain fundraising and payments with anonymity technology to operate in an extrajurisdictional fashion. Find out more at

It’s a sad fact that sex workers are targets for mistreatment. Workers cannot count on police to be helpful. Laws often explicitly do not recognize crimes against sex workers. PinkDate will stand up for each and every one of our escorts. Using PinkDate, our escorts have the backing of a global extrajurisdictional company at their disposal. PinkDate is only successful if our escorts are, and PinkDate wants them to succeed.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: PinkDate is not merely an app. Writing code and using blockchain technology will not fix real issues that sex workers face. PinkDate is creating full ground support operations, ensuring each transaction completes smoothly.

PinkDate has several measures to prevent a bad date from even occurring, starting with screening and verification.

Screening and Verification

Each escort can choose their desired level of screening and verification. From basic phone number confirmation or photo ID validation, to a full identity and employment information review. Clients cannot contact escorts until they meet their verification requirements.

PinkDate performs the verification process itself, storing minimal information in its secure servers. This data is never shared with anyone unless the client explicitly opts to share it or if there’s an incident that requires follow-up. Otherwise, just the results are shared. This makes clients more comfortable sharing their personal information with PinkDate as a trusted party for verification, which translates into increased escort revenue and security.

Escorts set filters to determine which clients can view their profile. In addition to the client’s minimum rating, escorts can choose acceptable hosting types (incall, outcall to hotels, apartments), regions (filter on neighborhood), and distance. Escorts can even restrict on age, and residence (tourists and business travelers versus locals).

In the future, PinkDate will allow escorts to price-discriminate based on these filters. For instance, a escort may choose to offer a lower rate to locals, without sacrificing profit from business travelers.

Escorts may perform a secondary screening before booking. PinkDate provides secure text, audio, and video chat so that both parties can be sure the date will be a success.

Under no circumstances will PinkDate ever penalize a escort for declining a date they are uncomfortable with. Even escorts allowing Instant Booking can choose to cancel a date, penalty-free. PinkDate will never give out a escort’s phone number or other personal information.

Date Protocol

At any time before or during a date, either side may contact PinkDate Support to resolve questions.

Before service starts, both parties need to confirm they have met and identified each other. The other’s picture will show in the app, so they know they have the right person. This is accompanied by a Start Date Code, a 3-digit number. Entering the code of the other person allows PinkDate to know the people actually met and establishes the start time of the date.

If the escort enters the Start Date code in reverse, this will indicate a Distress Situation. The app will appear to proceed as normal, but silently notifies the escort’s selected emergency contacts via text or phone call, providing details of the date location.

If the Date Code is not entered within 15 minutes of the expected start time, PinkDate will contact the escort and client to make sure everything is OK. If PinkDate cannot reach either person and verify their safety, PinkDate will contact the escort’s emergency contacts with the date details so they can take action.

PinkDate always has its escorts covered!

At any point during the date, the escort may activate the distress feature for a similar response, notifying their emergency contacts. In the future, PinkDate will develop a voice-activated safe word system. This will allow a escort to alert their contact without having to handle their phone.

After a date, both escort and client are rated. Ratings are not allowed until 20 minutes after the end of the date. That way there is no pressure to provide a certain rating. The details of ratings are not shown to either party, encouraging accurate ratings.

If a escort doesn’t check in with PinkDate after the expected end time of a date, PinkDate will call to make sure they are OK. If no answer is received, PinkDate will notify the escort’s emergency contacts.

PinkDate provides all its escorts with a $25,000 legal insurance guarantee for access to legal assistance. This activates if the escort encounters legal trouble while using Pink. It includes access to our lawyers and covers bail bond fees. PinkDate will pay for legal defense and pay any fines.


Pink’s system design is rock-solid secure. Read this article for a few details. In addition, personal data collected by PinkDate is never revealed to third parties. Even PinkDate tech and support employees have very limited access to the data, and access logs are continuously audited. We take privacy very seriously.

PinkDate will regularly contract first-class security professionals to audit our systems, and we will share the audit results. PinkDate is also offering a $100,000 “Bug Bounty” program, guaranteeing that if any problems exist, we will be the first to know and fix them.

Going Forward

PinkDate is a dynamic company that adapts to its users’ needs. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or would like to work with PinkDate to help shape the future of sex work, please contact us at