PinkDate: The Best Option for Sex Workers

PinkDate is the world’s first anonymously operating escort agency, leveraging blockchain fundraising and payments with anonymity technology to operate in an extrajurisdictional fashion. Find out more at

Sex workers have a tough job, aside from challenges during the actual work. Before a worker can get down to actually making money there are a myriad things that need to be handled. Advertising, photography, secondary phones, client screening and verification, legal issues, payments, missed appointments, time wasters, bad dates, reviews — the list goes on.

Enjoy work and life more, with PinkDate

PinkDate helps you with these things so you can make more money and be less stressed.

Advertising: PinkDate is your press agent and your professional photo/videographer. When you join, you will get a professional shoot, paid for by Pink. We’ll help you look your best and earn to your full potential. These photos are optional: Escorts always remain in full control of their profile on Pink. You get to choose which photographer. So long we both agree, we’ll pay them or give you the money to cover the shoot.

More Money: Our machine learning and date analytics systems will automatically optimize your profile so you’ll earn more business, without lifting a finger. Let us find you clients that’ll make you their ATF. For instance, if you have 5 photos but are unsure which one to put as your cover photo, we can automatically rotate them and figure out which brings in the best clients for you. Eventually we’ll tailor this on a per-client basis, so PinkDate will automatically highlight your aspects that most appeal to that particular client.

Show Some Skin: With Pink, you control who sees your photos. Allow only certain clients to see specific pictures, always at your option. Each picture is watermarked with a tracer code: if a client shares or leaks pictures, we can ban them from the platform. This helps enforce Pink’s culture: Clients should not be going around posting details about their experiences with individual escorts. This is completely optional — PinkDate does not encourage uploading photos that reveal more than you’re comfortable with.

Two-Sided Ratings: Both clients and escorts are rated by each other, keeping clients on their best behavior. PinkDate does not allow free-form reviews! When we can verify a specific PinkDate client has written a review on a site like TER, we will ban them.

Always Paid: PinkDate handles payments for you, so you’re never ripped off. If a client misses an appointment, you’ll even get a cancellation fee, guaranteed. How much will this be? At start, we’re going to offer a 20% cancellation fee in most cases (details available at launch). After a few months, we’ll use our cancelled date analytics to determine a sustainable fee.

Client Verification: PinkDate handles all client verification: You just select your desired level of verification. Unverified clients won’t even be allowed to contact you until they verify. Pink’s verification process will be trusted and easy, resulting in more clients and a safer experience. You are not forced to rely on Pink’s verification and can add your own. PinkDate never asks escorts to do things they are uncomfortable with. We’ll also allow clients to pass the actual verification details, not just the results, on to escorts with a single click. Choose what works for you.

Scheduling: Put your calendar into PinkDate and let us book it full. Clients can be notified when you’re in their area, getting them to book your tours early. Our Date AI will even tell you about upcoming demand, so you can plan ahead for maximum profit.

Instant Booking: Have some immediate availability? Switch on Pink’s Instant Booking feature and get dates in real-time. No more posting late-night ads online; we’ll match you with clients right away.

Contact: With Pink, you never have to give out a phone number, ever. You can screen and interview potential clients through our secure chat, including audio so you can talk to and verbally screen clients. Even on a date, our app will allow you to arrange details without revealing any personal information.

You’re Safe: PinkDate puts escort safety above all. If a date seems suspicious, cancel it, penalty free. Misbehaving clients will be banned. Click here to read more. Our app will automatically alert contacts of your choosing if you don’t check in or out of a date. In the future, PinkDate will offer physical security services as well.

Legalize It: Pink’s verification makes LE action unlikely. But just in case, PinkDate provides up to $25,000 of legal insurance. If you run into legal trouble while using Pink, we’ll connect you with our lawyers and take care of any bail bond fees.

Community: At Pink, it’s not just business. We want to help sex workers in any way we can. If you’re a stakeholder in sex worker rights, contact us at