PinkDate: Invest Privately with Bitcoin to Monero

So you’re interested in PinkDate the anonymously operating escort agency, but not convinced you want to leave an easily traceable Bitcoin trail of your investment. That’s reasonable. This guide will step you through the process of investing anonymously in our platform. We assume you already have Bitcoin or a similar cryptocurrency, and that the Bitcoin is linked to your identity. Perhaps you bought the Bitcoin directly from Coinbase or another exchange that knows who you are.

PinkDate the anonymously operating escort agency

We will show you how to use Monero to remove the link between your Bitcoin, and your investment in Pink. This guide doesn’t promise perfect anonymity, but it avoids leaving a permanent record on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This guide is only relevant for investors. When PinkDate launches, it will accept cash in addition to cryptocurrencies to pay for services.

Note: PinkDate encourages using Monero. All share purchases made with Monero receive an automatic 2% discount, to cover any exchange fees.

A Quick Overview of Monero

Monero is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency. At a basic level, it is similar to Bitcoin. Monero’s real selling point is first-class, mandatory privacy features. With Monero, third parties cannot trace your transactions like they can with Bitcoin. Every transaction hides the amounts being sent: only the sender and receiver know the amount. Every transaction generates a one-time address, so third parties cannot tell when a given wallet receives money. Finally, every transaction picks several random fake inputs and mixes them all together, hiding even the one-time source address used.

Monero: Secure, Private, Untraceable

In short: Monero transactions are very private. But to get this privacy, you must take a few basic steps. If you were to send directly from an exchange to PinkDate the exchange could potentially figure out that you invested in Pink. This is because the exchange must know the secret details to create the transaction.

Step 1: Create your PinkDate shares order

Open the PinkDate Series A Investment Site: Enter your email and a password. PinkDate will never email you sensitive information. We will only email you general updates and tell you to login for more details. We do not issue password resets via email, so please be sure to correctly save your password.

PinkDate Series A Login Form

Once logged in, you’re presented with an order form. Select XMR from the dropdown — this selects Monero. The exchange rate is the all-time-high rate seen during our fundraiser (currently $120.40). If the Monero exchange rate improves in the future, we will automatically credit you more shares.

Purchasing Shares on

Enter your desired number of shares. For this example, we chose 1200. Click the Start Purchase button. The amount of Monero (XMR) to send and the address are displayed. In this example, it requests 9.767442 XMR to the address 4E1zxVv71rNSGLKY1gBfBJaCxW4G8CGnu8…2ZHybJvbKjDB. All PinkDate addresses start with 4E1zxVv71rNSGLKY1gBfBJaCxW4G8CGnu.

Next up, we’re going to get a Monero wallet, exchange some Bitcoins for Monero, then finish the PinkDate shares purchase.

Step 2: Creating a wallet with

For this guide, we’re going to use the online wallet, If you don’t want to rely on an online wallet, you can download the Monero wallet software from homepage

Open your browser and enter Click the big button labelled Create an Account. You’ll be presented with a long page of warnings. Read them. Near the bottom of the page, there is a section titled “Your Private Login Key”. This is a 13-word seed code. Write this seed code down! In the example, the seed code is “victim gimmick origin bumper dangerous does pizza nautical sabotage unhappy dynamite zigzags victim”. Write it down on paper, in a safe location. showing your Private Login Key (seed) If you lose this seed, you will lose your Monero!

After writing it down on paper, type it back into the box below, titled “Confirm your Private Login Key”. Do not copy and paste it! Actually read it off the paper and type it in, to make sure you got it right. Next, click the login button.

A fresh wallet

You’ll be presented with your fresh, empty, Monero wallet. Monero addresses are quite long! In this example, the address is 41q9NqGFjEvQeBV5SfzggWXeuQ1Mjgv…8NCnbmu.

Step 3: Converting Bitcoin to Monero

Now we’re going to convert Bitcoin to Monero, using ShapeShift is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that requires no sign up. You’re also welcome to use exchanges such as Poloniex. It is OK for the exchange to know your identity at this point — we’re going to rely on Monero to obtain privacy. homepage, with Bitcoin to Monero selected

On the page, select Bitcoin to deposit, Monero to receive. Select Precise, then click Continue. In the box labelled Receive Amount, enter the amount that PinkDate requested, rounded up to the nearest 0.1. In this example, PinkDate requests 9.767442, so we enter 9.8 into ShapeShift.

Enter your MyMonero address from Step 2. This is not the address PinkDate gave you in Step 1. In our example, this is 41q9NqGFjEvQeBV5SfzggWXeuQ1Mjgv…8NCnbmu.

Setting the exchange parameters on

Next, open your Bitcoin wallet software, and find your receive address. In this example, we’re using the Electrum Bitcoin wallet software. Copy this address into the box on ShapeShift labelled “Your Bitcoin Refund Address”. In this example, we’ve used 1AaUwe73MTguQ8FeEsN1Xwm6sBCMZ6yt7T. This is the address ShapeShift will return any funds in the event of a payment issue. The Payment Id field remains empty. Click Start Transaction.

An in-progress transaction from Bitcoin to Monero

Now ShapeShift will display your order details. Save the Order ID. Using your Bitcoin wallet, send the exact amount listed to the address shown on ShapeShift. In this example, it is 0.23644649 Bitcoin, to the address 15Ztg3faC4ikbzg5w5KDvfnS3S6oxdsue2. After you send the transaction, ShapeShift will indicate it is processing the transaction. It can take up to an hour for this step to complete. After it completes, we suggest waiting at least an hour before Step 3.

Step 3: Sending Monero to Pink

After ShapeShift is done and you’ve waited at least an hour, you will have Monero in your wallet. Open in your browser, and click the Log In button in the top corner. Enter your seed code (Private Login Key) that you wrote down in step 2. You should see your balance (example: 9.8 XMR) and the incoming transaction. Click Send.

In the receiver address, enter the address PinkDate gave you in Step 1. In this example, that’s 4E1zxVv71rNSGLKY1gBfBJaCxW4G8CGnu…2ZHybJvbKjDB. Enter the amount PinkDate requests, in this example that’s 9.767442. Ignore Payment ID, and keep the Privacy Level (Ring Size) at the default, Low. It’s complicated, but the default size actually provides better privacy for most people.

Sending Monero to PinkDate via

Click Send Payment. The MyMonero site will pause for a few seconds while it generates the transaction. Congratulations! You are now a PinkDate shareholder, with no trace on the Bitcoin blockchain.

PinkDate will notice your payment and update your account on within a day. If you have any questions or any issues during any part of this process, please email us: You can also chat with us on Slack for interactive help.