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PinkDate is a blockchain-funded, anonymously operating escort agency, and the first ICO to offer equity positions with return on investment based on revenues. Find out more at

Early last year I got an email from a client who wanted to meet for a multi-hour date. I had just moved from agency work to being an independent escort, so I was pretty new to things. The email promised several hours together, and he requested a particular outfit and hairstyle. I happily obliged, and set about to get ready for my date. My driver picked me up and we left for the hotel. I arrived, dressed as requested (with heavier makeup than I would ever normally wear), and sat in the lobby to wait. And wait. Twenty minutes later I get an email from my client’s “assistant” typing in broken English that the client has been involved in an accident and couldn’t see me. I immediately left and went back to my driver.

I was furious. Part of me wanted desperately to believe I was hearing the truth, because getting duped by a client is insanely frustrating to say the least. Yet who wants to wish harm on another person?

Yes, the onus should be on the client to be truthful, but as escorts we know that far too often this doesn’t always happen. It’s up to us to take care of ourselves. Had I done my homework, I could have avoided this entire mess — and expense.

My homework should have involved thorough screening and a deposit. But being new to the game, I wanted to believe in this person’s honesty — and finances. It’s easy to get attracted to the shiny things (i.e. money) but as escorts we need to keep our wits about us and put common sense before all in order to stay safe.

As I keep track of my advertising metrics, I know this client found me on Eros — one of the higher-end advertising platforms for escorts and other sex workers. But let’s be honest: most escorting sites don’t have the escort’s best interest in mind. Eros has great web presence, a beautiful design, but it’s expensive to use, which makes it prohibitive for some people. Preferred 411 does some client screening, but they always recommend you do your own (they don’t keep any information). This can throw a client off because he signs up for a service thinking he’s been screened, and doesn’t want to give duplicate information to the escort. On top of that, the user interface is sorely lacking. Slixa is a new player on the market and while their customer service and platform are great, it seems they haven’t yet gained the same momentum as Eros in terms of user reach; I discontinued my ads there because I wasn’t getting any clients off the platform, probably because my profile wasn’t being seen. And then we all know Backpage; an easy entry point to escort advertising, but offers no real value to escorts outside of a space to post your photos and contact information.

So when I heard that PinkDate was interested in changing the escorting game — for the better — I was curious. If I had used PinkDate in this instance, I might have had a far better outcome. Here’s why:

Some of the other nice features include an elegant and easy-to-use platform, A/B testing that allows you to tailor your profile content to receive the most attention, and a place for you to put your schedule and availability. Curious? Check out the Client UI preview here.

Escorts are already interested in what PinkDate can do to help their business. Listen to Vivienne Lawrence (@Vivienne_TO) tell her thoughts.

Vivienne Lawrence talks about PinkDate from on Vimeo.

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