Eros Raid

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On November 7, Bolma Star Services, the call center for the well-known escort advertising website, was raided by the Department of Homeland Security. The raid included the seizure of documents and hard drives, suspected to contain the personal and private information of escorts and models listed on Eros’ website. While no arrests have been made and there have been no other formal announcements regarding the raid, escorts are understandably concerned about what this raid can mean to their income, safety, and privacy.

We spoke with Canadian criminal defense lawyer Frances Mahon for her opinion on the matter as it relates to Canadian escorts, many of whom have had concerns regarding border crossing into the US.

According to Ms. Mahon, although it’s unlikely the US is going to deliberately share information about a provider to Canadian authorities unless they were being specifically investigated for something else (thankfully Canadian authorities aren’t yet near as enthusiastic about cracking down on prostitution), information can be shared automatically, so it’s difficult to say how much, if any, is being transmitted across borders.

What does that mean for Canadian escorts?

“In my opinion, the biggest implication for providers who have advertised on is that the DHS oversees border security, meaning that information obtained in the raid might be available to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and be grounds to deny someone entry into the U.S., either on a one-time basis, or make them permanently inadmissible to the U.S. for engaging in prostitution,” says Ms. Mahon.

Is your data secure?

That’s because in order to register on the Eros platform, you need to provide an ID that proves you’re of legal age in the US. That information is held for 18 months on their servers, once you delist from their platform. When I spoke with them regarding this, there was no recourse an escort could take to have their information removed.

In Canada we’ve seen several escorts be denied entry into the US, when they were travelling for work or personal purposes. No doubt this quite negatively impacts their professional careers, as well as personal lives.

What about US escorts?

Our President isn’t a US citizen, and since we didn’t get a legal opinion on the impact of the Eros raid on US citizens, so we can’t say for sure. Since the Canadian government might be a bit slower to respond to this sort of incidence, it remains to be seen what could happen to US escorts attempting to gain entry to Canada. Our advice would be to speak with a lawyer versed in these matters.

Not-so Preferred 411

Preferred 411 is a Canadian-based web platform that provides free advertising space to escorts and a fee-based screening place for clients. The platform also requires escorts to upload their ID in order to gain access, if they haven’t got client references. In speaking directly with Gina, the owner, we learned that information is stored on their servers indefinitely unless you specifically ask to have it removed.

While the concept of having your data erased is a nice idea, in reality it means nothing if there’s no proof. Preferred 411 is rumoured to have servers located in DC, and although Gina claims there hasn’t been any investigation into her business, we have it on good authority this isn’t the case at all. None of this is good for escort or client privacy.

That’s where PinkDate comes in.

Our technology, security, and data privacy measures are unparalleled in the adult industry and not seen by any of our competitors. Your data is stored in encrypted segments on separate systems, each heavily restricted. Instead of giving the web server full access to everything, all data requests go through a data gateway that controls access on a per-user basis and refuses to hand out more. Furthermore, none of these servers have a direct Internet connection or hard drives. All data is stored on an encrypted file system in RAM — the moment the server is physically accessed, it shuts down and everything is wiped. Restarting the databases is a manual process, which restores encrypted backups directly into RAM. Read more about our security technology here.

In addition to our security, our company structure is designed to remain anonymous, our servers are in hidden locations world wide, and because our company isn’t incorporated in any jurisdiction, we remain outside the boundaries of any country’s or states legal framework.

What this means, is that you can be 100% confident your information will be safe with PinkDate — whether you are a client or escort. We offer tamper-proof data storage, the protection of an anonymous company, and the inability of legal repercussions in any jurisdiction. No call center raids, no seizures of any systems.

PinkDate is so excited about our company, we’re offering a 10% bonus on our pre-ICO sales until December 31st, 2017 — that’s just four days away. Visit to learn more. If you have specific investor questions, reach out to us at, or head on over to our public Slack channel.

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