PinkDate News — Exchange Listing, Incorporation, Price Increase, Lower Minimum Purchase, Pre-ICO extension

PinkDate News — Exchange Listing, Incorporation, Price Increase, Lower Minimum Purchase, Pre-ICO extension

Our Slack and Telegram channels are busier than ever. On those channels and other social media as well as our website, we uphold our goal and promise is to continue to build the PinkDate product, and this company, to create immense value.

1. Exchange Listing is in Process Listing on an exchange will raise the value of our PinkDate token share, PDP. We’ve had plans to do such a listing, but we are now making it a higher priority.

Although we’ve been solicited by several exchanges, we decided that the first exchange we will apply to will be the LiveCoin exchange; this is not a US-based exchange which is in keeping with our philosophy.

The listing process is a more complex and lengthy process than it looks at first glance. Assuming all goes well, LiveCoin estimates the entire process will be completed to coincide with our ICO schedule.

2. PinkDate is the 10x Solution Sexwork is an age-old profession with centuries-old problems; uncertainty among buyers on who is the best pick, and lack of trust among sellers in terms of who is reliable. With all the modern advances in technology, you’d think the business of pleasure would have long caught up and incorporated some level of efficiency to the entire process.

In some ways it has; we now have websites and twitter as platforms on which to interact with others; review boards provide a ‘community’ (albeit a nasty one) in which people can discuss experiences. But none of these things brings a high level experience to clients or escorts.

3. Social Media Presence will Increase Dramatically We’ve been behind in our social media promotion, and that’s not a good thing. We admit that. PinkDate’s new interim CEO has committed to fix that.

We’ve already taken steps to bring in additional persons and expert contractors to increase our social media presence.

You can expect to see more of PinkDate on all the major social media platforms, so we are confident that our efforts will result in a very widespread awareness of PinkDate.

The result will be more demand for our token share, and that should eventually result in more demand (and a higher PDP token share price)

4. Product Development is On-Track

The product development is on track; you can see demo of the latest UI here: PinkDate UI Demo.

That said, we’re resolving some infrastructure issues, unrelated to the product.Nothing out of the ordinary, but this expanded scope requires a little extra time.

Take a look at the UI demo; we’re sure you can agree that the public-facing interface is really nice. It’s a swipe-select-schedule interface that is similar toTinder, but with a book-it-now feature.

This beautiful interface is web-based, not a downloadable mobile app.

Here’s the reason it’s not a mobile app: Based on early surveys, clients preferred that the platform be accessible as a web-based app, rather than yet another mobile app to download that was then visible on their device. We’ve developed the best of both: abeautiful user experience that looks and feels like an app, but that can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser.

PinkDate will go live in late February at the special invite-only launch in Toronto.

5. Extension of the Pre-ICO and ICO Date The new priorities and developments outlined above will certainly provide the value and benefits we promised. Therefore, to assure that all of our plans fall into place in the correct order, and for our marketing plan to fully execute, it was necessary to extend some dates a little bit.

We are extending the Pre-ICO from January 31st, until February 21st. We are calling this investment period the ‘Pre-ICO Extension Period’.

See the revised Roadmap below. Basically, the dates previously provided are extended, but only by two weeks. The updated Roadmap will be reflected on our main site on late afternoon EST, February 1st.

6. Lower Minimum Share Purchase Requirements (slightly higher price)

We’ve been getting many requests to purchases less than 8,000 token shares, so we are lowering the minimum purchase to $500 during the Pre-ICO Extension Period. However, the price will increase by 21% from $0.147 to $0.178 per token share after January 31st.

The reason for the price increase is to reward those who have purchased before January 31st and, to offset the additional administration cost incurred with smaller purchases.

BONUS: ERC-20 PDP token We are completing the final work before February 9th to deploy our ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This will help us start the negotiation to get listed with various exchanges.

7. Higher Referral Fees for Investors — 5% To earn a referral fee for sharing this investment opportunity with others, go to and Register or, Sign In. On the following page, you will see your customized referral link generated by the system. Cut and paste that link when you mention PinkDate on any social media or email.

When the person you refer makes a purchase via your custom link, you will earn a 5% bonus and the investor will receive a 10% bonus. All bonuses paid in token shares.

The 10% investor bonus is not available publicly, so with your referral link you will be seen as offering something the investor will not be able to otherwise obtain on our website.

8. New Roadmap

Given the number of things that are happening with PinkDate, we have revised our Roadmap to reflect these changes. You can find it here

As always, we value the feedback of our followers and investors. Please reach out to us at, or catch us online.