Our Slack and Telegram channels are busier than ever. On those channels and other social media as well as our website, we uphold our goal and promise is to continue to build the PinkDate product, and this company, to create immense value.

1. PinkDate Smart Contract Twitter Contest! We are getting ready to deploy our Smart Contract and having a contract address that starts with something recognizable is … neat … and just looks cooler than just random numbers. So what cooler way to choose our name than have our very own community helps us. Full Article Here

2. PinkDate is the 10x Solution

Sexwork is an age-old profession with centuries-old problems; uncertainty among buyers on who is the best pick, and lack of trust among sellers in terms of who is reliable. With all the modern advances in technology, you’d think the business of pleasure would have long caught up and incorporated some level of efficiency to the entire process.

In some ways it has; we now have websites and twitter as platforms on which to interact with others; review boards provide a ‘community’ (albeit a nasty one) in which people can discuss experiences. But none of these things brings a high level experience to clients or escorts. Full Article Here

3. PinkDate Town Hall Transcript Summary On Tuesday January 30th we held our very first Town Hall meeting on our public Slack channel. This is a summary of key points discussed. To access the full transcript, please visit this link

4. A letter from the COO of PinkDate Dear Future Investor,

My name is Roger. I’m COO at PinkDate and we need to have a talk. I am going to explain why you should invest in PinkDate. But first, we need to get some things out of the way:

We are building an escorting platform. We are an anonymous team. We are a security token.

If any of those things scare you, stop reading, close your browser, delete your history, and get rid of your cookies. This project is NOT for you. Move on and good luck with your crypto investments. If you are intrigued, however, read on.

Full Article Here 5. Town Hall Meeting #2: Friday, Mar 2nd @ 3PM EST We will be holding our second Town Hall meeting on our Slack channel on Friday, March 2nd from 3PM EST — 4PM EST.

Below is the agenda:

Pre-ICO Final Results (Roger) Smart Contract Status (Brad) Marketing Update (Nick) Toronto Go live, Invite-Only Update (Sarah)

As always, stay in touch with us on our official channels. Full Article Here